Your Video Content Explained

 Video Duration

The video length will vary depending on how it will be used, the number of images required and any video clips that are included in the overall video.


  • Short 5 - 30 seconds

 Ideal for social media promotions (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)


  • Medium 30-60 seconds  

A more detailed look at what your are offering e.g - a new product range for example.

These can be pinned to your Facebook / Twitter / YouTube pages or sit on your personal website.


  • Longer 2-3 minute videos

Use as a spotlight on your work or business - a video CV if you like.

You can put these on your website or YouTube page and send the link to prospective buyers who want a more detailed look at you and what you have to offer.


Video Content - What can be included:

Your video can be a combination of:

  • Images - high quality images of you, your work, products, services, logo etc.

The more images you include the longer the video - so a compromised must be reached. It may the be better to create multiple videos to showcase more that one aspect of your products and services.


RESOLUTION Of Images Supplied By You

The quality of the images/logos/video clips etc. that you supply supplied will determine the quality of the final output videos.

Please supply images at 1 to 2 Mb minimum (max 10mb) at 300dpi resolution - images will be cropped where necessary to suit the video style. We will supply a link to an file sharing directory (e.g. Dropbox, Photobucket etc.) with a folder dedicated to your project only.


  • Short video clips - again supplied by you. They can be snippets of you at work, product or some other appropriate activity. These video snippets can be take either with a mobile phone or camera with movie recording facilities. and can be incorporated in the overall video to enhance your story.

    • Video Clips Supplied by You - Preferably no longer that 30 seconds long.

We can crop these so that they fit the narrative better.

  • Video clips must be Landscape format & high resolution.


  • Text - The amount of text is limited and should be short and punchy headline style to convey your message. The text can also include your website or specific (menu) web page for more targeting.  We will work with you to storyboard and create your video to convey your specific business message.


  • Logo / Profile Picture - if you have a logo we can incorporate that - if not a profile / head shot picture can be used instead.


  • Music (royalty free) -  


Final Video Resolution -  


  • The 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p video quality options that you usually see (e.g. YouTube) when you view,   download or change settings to the video are very important – especially nowadays where people demand various qualities. This is how the computer measures the quality of the video’s resolution. There is a huge range of pixel resolutions that are being used in videos, and these are perfect for various purposes and what your device may be.

 There is a compromise between faster download speed (lower number) resolution  and quality (higher resolution).


In terms of quality, you must choose the higher values in order for you to get the best resolutions.

HD quality videos are mostly at the highest pixels, and these can provide excellent, clear quality for your device if you want to watch a video. The 720 and 1080 are the best if you ever want to get the standard HD resolution for watching video files on your computer. However, if you want to go for the most standard quality, then choose 420p or 720p. 

For lower qualities that might be perfect for smaller and lower quality devices, then it’s best to choose 360 or 420. These two qualities are also faster in terms of download rates which is why you will never have a hard time downloading the video under that quality, especially if you have slow internet connection.   

  • In summary he higher the number the better the resolution and for viewing on a larger screen.

       ​All 4 options are available for you to select.

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